How to Get Supervision

Supervision - The Next Step


You’ve done the training. You’ve experienced the protocols. Supervision is the next step.


We offer phone supervision through our product store. Supervision is an integral part of learning and achieving consistent results.


Certification Requirements


Reminder: Prior to IBSR & IBSR Hybrid use, All trained therapist MUST submit 1) client handout, 2) play by play/step by step script.


  • Protocol Options: IBSR Primer, IBSR and IBSR Hybrid.
  • Applicants can choose to be certified in one or all of the protocols.
  • Training for certification is offered live and on digital video.
  • Applicant must complete 7 hours supervision post training per protocol  and 3 for the IBSR Hybrid.
  • Supervision can be done individually or in a small group (4 or less).
  • All applicants seeking only certification in one protocol (IBSR ) must complete 25 sessions (different clients).
  • All applicants seeking certification in all three protocols must complete 25 IBSR Primer, 25 IBSR and 10 IBSR Hybrid unique sessions.
  • All applicants must submit an abstract or article summarizing their experience using the protocol(s). Subject matter shall reflect applicants’ specific population (substance abuse, children, groups, couples etc).
  • All applicants must submit a notarized document stating the completion of the sessions required for certification.
  • In addition, notarized document shall list applicant's name, credentials, mailing address, training dates, supervision dates and include a check for $75 made out to the Bodymind Institute-IBSR 20 Walnut Avenue Wheeling, WV 26003.
  • All paperwork for certification is due within 18 months post training.
  • Extensions for certification requirements are granted on a case by case basis.
  • The Bodymind Institute-IBSR does not require membership fees.


Need Something More?


Ongoing consultation and supervision is available before, during and after each training. If you need special arrangements for an individual or group supervision, or require some additional needs, please give us a call at (304) 232-0230 or email us at For supervision availability, please visit our product store.




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